Ministries at FBC!

 We have SO many ministries, programs and events happening here at the church!

  1. Monthly 12 hour Prayer Vigil and special teaching and prayer nights.
  2. SOULFOOD is our Fun and exciting Adult Bible Study on Thursday Nights at 630pm here in the Lounge!  Join us weekly!
  3. Every 4th Tuesday of the month we have a team that puts on a chapel service at 2 Seniors Care Homes in Nelson and Rosemont.
  4. We have twice a month a Men’s ministry called CORE that meets.
  5. Every Monday morning we have Women’s Care&Prayer group that meets with Maureen Butcher either at Java Coffee in the Mall or at her home.
  6. Every Monday morning we have the Men meet at A&W in the mall for coffee.
  7. Once a month, Women’s Breakfast at the Church!
  8. Sunday School for our little ones during the preaching of the sermon. Kids are always free to stay thru the sermon.
  9. Once a Year we have the PAGE Ride
  10. Once a Year we have a Wild & Tame Charity Dinner

For a small church in Nelson, we pack a Punch of Ministry!  Join Us, Partner with Us & Pray for Us as we do all this for His Kingdom and His purpose here in Nelson!