The members of First Baptist Church are very pleased to introduce our pastor

Sara Westnedge

Sara is married to Dave Westnedge, they have two children, Ezra & Story.

I have been a member of a CBWC church for most of my faith life.
After I graduated from high school, I began to serve with Young Life as a leader. After university I began the process to become a long-term missionary with African Inland Missions “AIM”. During that process, while I was training and preparing to serve in a creative access country that was primarily Muslim, I met my future husband. After seeking prayer and
guidance, I changed my missionary term to serve for six months in Uganda at a large church in Kampala. Dave and I were engaged in Uganda and were married a few months after I returned to Kelowna.

Once I was married, I continued to work in a para-church organization, becoming a manager of Thrive After School care. Dave and I also served on the Young Life Committee, as well as in various offices of our church.