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First Baptist Church, Nelson, is affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and has maintained a witness in Nelson to the hope of Jesus for over 116 years.

In over 100 years, the community and the world around have changed. Even FBC has experienced change; our location, times of worship, worship style and ministries in the community have changed with the changing need of people.

And yet, FBC has maintained a sense of its past and has been a stable presence in the community. For over 100 years, FBC has been a place to meet neighbours, form friends, develop spiritually, and worship God.

First Baptist Church is like an extended family and we feel close to each other. Being family we want you to feel part of this family from the time you first enter to the time we part. So please feel free to be part of our family. Also, please stay after the service for our fellowship time so we can get to know you better.

In December 2014 we called John Thwaites to be our pastor.  He comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience as he has come from many different backgrounds and ministries.  Be it a summer camp, missionary to Nepal or church pastor on Vancouver Island.  John loves connecting to all generations!  He loves to preach and disciple people in their Journey with Jesus!

Our Moderator is Dorothy Westnedge, and our Elders are Maureen Butcher and Lorne Westnedge.