Child Care

Play-doCornerstone Children’s Centre is a community initiative of First Baptist Church. We began in 1993 with a Mom and Tots program. Our Child Care option serves children aged 30 months to school age.

The name, “CORNERSTONE”, summarizes the philosophy of our program: the home and family are the foundation of a young child’s education and care. Each experience builds upon this foundation. We seek to work together with parents to construct the best possible first ‘out-of-home’ educational and social experiences.

Each child is recognized and valued as a unique individual, created in the image of a loving and welcoming God. Each child’s individual needs and contributions are to be respected, and in this way the child will learn to appreciate others, their environment, and their place in the world.

Our Cornerstone Director, Dorothy Westnedge, can be reached by calling 250.352.9910 or email

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  • Our program is operated as a service to the children and parents in our community by First Baptist Church.
  • We emphasize family values held in common in our community while encouraging a sense of wonder and “Discovery” in the children about themselves and the world around them.
  • We try to foster understanding about other cultures, festivals and people-groups in our very diverse world.
  • We teach the children that we are all one family sharing one world and each of us has a special place of value in it.