First Baptist Church is affiliated with the B.C and Yukon Area of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and has a long history in the City of Nelson. In 1997, both the city and our church celebrated our 100th anniversaries.

In over 117 years, the community and the world around have changed. Even First Baptist Church has experienced change; location, times of worship, worship style and ministries in the community have changed with the changing need of people.

And yet, FBC has maintained a sense of its past and has been a stable presence in the community. For over 117 years, FBC has been a place to meet neighbours, form friends, develop spiritually, and worship God.

Founding: 1897 to 1923

Struggle: 1924 to 1948

Rebuilding: 1949 to 1973

Growth: 1974 to 2000

The New Millennium: 2001 to present

Pastors of First Baptist Church 1897-2014

Photographs from the building of the new church in 1950 and 1951

Other Archival Photos