Struggle – 1924 to 1948


Mr George Boyes was baptized in 1924. Two years later Rev. E.G. Turner became the pastor and the congregation purchased 1013 Stanley Street for a parsonage (manse). The records are unclear on who immediately followed Rev. Turner because although he left in 1927, the next pastor, Rev. Dugald Brown did not arrive until 1929.

Rev. Gerald Ward
Rev. Gerald Ward

From 1929 to 1930, Rev. Dugald Brown was interim pastor, until Rev. H.W. Guscott began a 7-year pastoral leadership in 1930. The manse on Stanley Street was sold in 1934 to help meet the growing debts of the church. It was, after all, the “hungry thirties”. Rev. Guscott resigned in 1938 when he was called to Newport, Washington.

In 1938, Rev. Gerald M. Ward assumed pastoral responsibilities after a brief interim pastoral leadership by Rev. Horace West. Rev. Ward’s photograph, shown here, is from 1983, when he returned to Nelson for the ordination of Rev. Cowie. Rev Ward specialized in youth work, this being his first full charge since graduation. He resigned in 1940 and Rev. T. H. Harris supplied until the Stovells were called in July, 1941. Audrey Boyd was baptized in 1939.

From 1941 to 1945, Rev. Stovell was pastor of First Baptist Church. Frances Malcolm (nee Boyes) was baptized in 1942. Again, the records fail to tell us who was pastor from 1945 to 1946. The church celebrated its 50th Anniversary onAugust 3rd, 1947 with Rev. J. J. Smithson as the guest speaker. However, times were tough for the congregation, and there was a long series of brief interim leaders and there was no pastor at all in 1947 and the church almost closed its doors.