P.A.G.E. Paperwork

Sorry, the “Early-Bird” special has now expired. Please download our brochure and registration form and share it with your friends.

The Registration form (hint, its in the brochure). We are still exploring on-line registration. If we can make it work, that option will be available here.

The Waiver form – sorry we really need to do it. If you have already downloaded the brochure you already have the Waiver form!

PAGE 22 Final Brochure 2017




Still have some questions? Try reading some of Lorne’s narratives about previous rides and you’ll get a good idea of what the P.A.G.E. experience is all about. For your enjoyment we have:

P.A.G.E. 6 in 2000
P.A.G.E. 7 in 2001
P.A.G.E. 8 in 2002, and
P.A.G.E. 13 in 2007

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