P.A.G.E. Ride

Many years ago now, a group of Nelson cyclists decided that it Glacierwould be a neat thing to organize a bicycle ride round Kokanee Glacier. While the glacier itself is in a Provincial Park, there was a highway route that did in fact go round outside of the park. The ride followed that highway. And so Race (or was it Ride?) Around the Glacier Eh! (R.A.G.E.) was born.

Then, in about 1995, when it looked as though R.A.G.E. was going to die, four cyclists at First Baptist Church suggested that the church take on its organization. BUT “RAGE” they thought was pretty aggressive for a church, and “Race” was much too competitive, SO, what if we Pedal Around the Glacier Eh! ? And so P.A.G.E. was born.

So just what is P.A.G.E.? —->