What is P.A.G.E.?

P.A.G.E. 22 will be on June 3 & 4, 2017!


P.A.G.E.is a 224 km (140 miles) – Fun fund-raiser


  • Get your legs into gear
  • Fasten the straps on your bike helmet
  • Prepare your lungs to be filled with some clean country air and your eyes for some breathtaking views as we pedal around Kokanee Glacier!

P.A.G.E. is Not a Race

On the first day we will to cycle from Nelson  to Kaslo to New Denver. On the second day we cycle back to  Nelson through the Slocan valley.

So, take your time. Enjoy the scenery, recharge your batteries with great food, lots to drink, and stimulating company and above all – HAVE FUN.

Proceeds from the ride help support community initiatives from First Baptist Church.

Here are the sponsors who helped make last-year’s ride so successful.

What Happens in P.A.G.E.? —->