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Leprosy is a feared disease, even though it is completely curable with multi-drug therapy. Some communities still think it is a curse, and will shun the people who are already suffering with the lasting effects of leprosy. They are evicted from their homes, fired from their workplace, and abandoned. Their family and friends don’t give them any support and they are completely neglected, often being sent away to leprosy colonies. It is the reality for people like Indrakhala.

We are lucky that multi-drug therapy is free for all patients, but that is only the beginning of the solution. It’s just as important that people can live in inclusive communities where they receive the love and care they deserve. With our supporters’ generosity, effect:hope trains health workers to identify leprosy in its early stages and raise awareness of the disease in communities. The health care workers will speak with and touch the leprosy patients, helping break down some of the fear that the communities have about contracting the disease. With more people who are trained and aware, leprosy can be stopped early before people will suffer a loss of limbs, mobility, or sight.

We also ensure that after people are cured, they receive the appropriate care so they can return to their lives with full-health. Services such as surgery, physical therapy, self-care training, and counseling are all important parts of our work overseas.

effect:hope has worked to serve people with leprosy for over a century. From doing important research on leprosy transmission and educating communities about leprosy, we are inching closer and closer to elimination every day. Learn about our research into the cause and permanent end for leprosy at R2STOP.

Leprosy is not over. Join us in our fight.