The Kootenay Romanian Relief Organization was established in 1991 to assist orphans, the elderly and the poor in Romania.

After the fall of Communism, and the subsequent trial and execution of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the horrific poverty in Romania was exposed to the world. When Barbara Walters took a film crew into Romania, they entered the many orphanages and exposed the terrible conditions the children were living in.

Fortunately, people from all over the free world descended on Romania to rescue children by adoption. 14 children were adopted by families in the Kootenay Region of Canada. As a result of travelling to Romania and witnessing the devastation first hand, it was decided to start an organization to assist the poverty-stricken.

The Kootenay Romanian Relief Organization is a Registered Canadian Charity. Our Board of Directors includes:

  • a Medical Doctor
  • a church Pastor
  • a church elder who works with challenged youth
  • a retired recreational complex administrator
  • a Doctor of Dentistry
  • a Pharmacist
  • a fitness councilor
  • 2 retired Police officers
  • a retired Canadian Ambassador to Romania who acts as an advisor

To date, we have shipped and distributed 13 containers of clothing, bedding and toys. Each container assists over 10,000 people.