We are very excited to announce that CBWC Serve is coming to Nelson!

Every year 250+ teens from across Western Canada gather for an event called SERVE. For one week these teens dedicate their time and energy to volunteering and working in a variety of community service projects (eg. manual labor, painting, gardening, visiting seniors, day camps, clean up, basic
landscaping, etc.) for both the community and for individuals.

This year SERVE will be hosted in Nelson by First Baptist Church in partnership with The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and will take place July 3-9.

We would like to know if there is a way that we could SERVE you during this event or maybe you know of someone who would benefit from having work done. If so, please take time to look over and complete the application form on the back side
The application deadline is Friday, June 3rd.
Click here to download the form;

Please submit your application form In Person:
First Baptist Church 611 Fifth Street Nelson, BC V1L 2X1
Email: sarafbcnelson@gmail.com
If you would like to follow up in any way please contact Sara at 250-300-0481

SERVE – Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (cbwc.ca)