Speaker: STEVE SIMALA November 28 2021

Jeremiah 29 Certain Hope

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 21 2021

Isaiah 9 Light in a great Darkness

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 14 2021

Amos 1 & 5

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 7 2021

1 Kings 19

Speaker: Basil McLaren October 31 2021

1 Kings 8
Basil McLaren

Speaker: Sara Westnedge October 24 2021

1Sam 16:7 Sermon starts at 5:00

Speaker: Sara Westnedge October 17 2021

1 Samual 1

Speaker: Sara Westnedge October 10 2021

Sermon starts at 5:00

Speaker: Sara Westnedge March 15_2020

Balaam and the donkey Numbers 22

Speaker: Sara Westnedge March 8_2020

Balaam and Balak Numbers 22

Speaker: Larry Schramm March 1_2020

Guard Your Heart. Proverbs 4:18-27

Speaker: Sara Westnedge February 23_2020

Matthew 13:24-30 The wheat and the tares

Speaker: Maureen Butcher February 16_2020

Matthew 13:1-23 The sower and the seeds. Smell the soil.

Speaker: Sara Westnedge February 02_2020

A warning for the church Hebrews 2:1-4

Speaker: Sara Westnedge January 26_2020

Rules that bring a blessing Hebrews 13:1-10

Speaker: Sara Westnedge January 19_2020

The Blood of Christ Hebrews 9:11-26

Speaker: Sara Westnedge January 12_2020

Jesus is better Hebrews 2:10-18

Speaker: Sara Westnedge January 5_2020

Dying to self Hebrews 1

Speaker: Ken Siemens December 29_2019

Does your life reflect the power of God’s love? Eph. 1:15- 1John 2:21 Rev 2:4

Speaker: Sara Westnedge December 22_2019

The Advent of Love Duet. 4 & 6

Speaker: Sara Westnedge December 15_2019

The Advent of Joy Luke 1:26 – 80

Speaker: Sara Westnedge December 1_2019

Matthew 2:1-18 There is hope for your future.

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 24_2019

Luke 7:36-50 Do you see Jesus in You neighbours?

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 17_2019

Luke 10:38-42 Are you worried and distracted?

Speaker: Sara Westnedge November 10_2019

Luke 10:25-37 Love your neighbour by showing that you need them

Speaker: Randy McDonald November 03_2019

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada

Matthew 5:13-16 Be Salt and Light

Speaker: Sara Westnedge October 20_2019

John 15 Where is your allegiance?

Thanksgiving Service October 13_2019

Lorne, Dorothy, Sara and others

Speaker: Ward Cowie October 6_2019

Jesus introduces the Holy Spirit (Paraclete)

Speaker: Ward Cowie Sept 29_2019

Our shepherd, the Voice of the Lord.

Speaker: Rick Penner Sept 22_2019

Mark 10:17 Are you blind to your brokenness?

Speaker: Ward Cowie Sept 15_2019

Will you welcome shocks from God?

Speaker: Ward Cowie Sept 07_2019

Jesus asks; “what do you want?”

Speaker: Ken Siemens Sept 01_2019

First; be reconciled.

Speaker: Maureen Butcher Aug 25_2019

One more day with the frogs.

Speaker: Sara Westnedge Aug 18_2019

here does your hope come from?

Speaker: Ward Cowie Aug 11_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites July 28_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites July 21_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites July 14_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites July 07_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites June 30_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites June 16_2019

Speaker: Dave Douglas June 09_2019

Speaker: Ken June 02_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites May 26_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites May 19_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites May 12_2019

Speaker: John Thwaites

The Church of Ephesus

Speaker: John Thwaites

The Church of Smyrna

Speaker: John Thwaites

The Church of Pergamum

Speaker: John Thwaites

The Church of Thyatira

Speaker: John Thwaites

The Church of Sardis

Speaker: John Thwaites Church of Philadelphia

1st Sermon in the new Series: Undefeated By the Devil

2nd Sermon in our series! Undefeated By Skepticism